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There is no longer a need to spend a small fortune to prepare for your ISEB or ISTQB software testing certification exam. Our self-study training courses are designed as a cost-effective alternative to the usual two or three day instructor led courses, which are expensive. You will receive the same level and quality of education as any instructor-led class, but at a fraction of the cost. All of our self-study training products are 100% guaranteed to fully prepare you to pass your certification exam with confidence.

We offer more than just practice exams or cheat sheets, we offer complete, multi-faceted self-study training packages that encompass detailed study guides, practice exams, diagrams, audio tutorials, double-sided flashcards, worksheets, revision papers, premium access to our support forum, and everything else you will need to easily pass your certification exam. Courses are available for immediate download, on CD sets, or as full-colour, bound printed documents. You choose!

All of our comprehensive self-study training packages are authored only by experienced, fully accredited software testing experts, and we stand behind the products with our pass guarantee ensuring that you pass your exam or your money back.

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What Sets Us Apart:

  • Cost Effective: Same level of education as any instructor-led course but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Expert Authors: Packages are written by accredited ISEB & ISTQB course tutors with at least 10 years of experience.
  • 100% Pass Guarantee: Pass within your first three attempts or your money back.
  • Optimized Learning: Courses include multiple learning tools to maximize the retention of the information.
  • Specialist Training: Our laser-like focus ensures a high-level of quality and accuracy
  • Delivery Flexibility: Choose to download the material or receive it on CDs or printed & bound.
  • Study Flexibility: Study whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Company-Wide-Licenses: Corporate licenses are only £1000 and have no limit on the number of employees eligible.

About UniversalExams.com

Our objective at UniversalExams.com is to help IT professionals train for and earn their ISEB, ISTQB or CTFL certifications. By using our study packages to prepare for your ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, ISEB Practitioner, ISTQB Foundation / CTFL, or ISTQB Advanced (CTAL) exam, you can be confident you are using the most accurate and complete self-study training package available. We maintain our high quality self-study guides, practice tests, practice exams and audio training materials for ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, ISEB Practitioner, ISTQB Foundation and ISTQB Advanced certifications by ensuring that our products are developed by IT professionals with substantial training and certification expertise. This allows our customers to fully absorb the information and go into their certification exams with confidence. Our products provide a great, cost-effective alternative to textbooks and classroom training.

Our Braindump Policy

UniversalExams.com does not permit free braindumps on this website. Free braindumps assist you to pass your exams without knowing your ISEB, ISTQB or CTFL / CTAL / CTEL information. Students achieve much greater benefit from purchasing low cost training products to earn their ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, ISEB Practitioner, ISTQB Foundation, or ISTQB Advanced certifications. UniversalExams.com has, and always will have, a strict policy against braindumps.

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